Clean Teen Summer Romance Books

Are you looking for clean teen summer romance books? Me too! There’s nothing like reading a great summer romance as you laze away the warm summer days.

If you or your tween or teen like to read contemporary romance novels and you’re looking for books with 1) a summertime settings and 2) no sex or sexual situations, then you are in the right place! I’m always looking for more sweet romance for my teens and tweens, and, of course, to share with readers like you. Below, you will find my list of clean YA summer romance book suggestions.

I’ll be honest; I haven’t found many that meet my requirements. Many authors will market their YA summer romance novels as clean and wholesome but contain more language than I prefer. So please help me out by letting me know of any good, clean teen summertime romance novels that you’ve found. Just drop the name of the book in the comments!

My suggestions for clean YA summer romance novels:

This first set of books are ones that I have read and can vouch for. I’ll note whether or not the book has language or sex or if I don’t remember. If you keep scrolling, you’ll find another set of books that are on my list of books to read but that I’ve heard are clean.

  1. My Favorite Color is Your Something Blue by Eva Austin
    clean teen summer romance books
    A fun, light-hearted, and clean teen summer romance novel. Contents: No language, no sex, brief kissing. First in a series…all books will be clean.
    Read a synopsis…
  2. Sunkissed by Kasie West
    A clean contemporary romance novel about a girl who heads to a family summer camp with her parents and sister. Note: there is some sneaking out and such in this one. No sex, I don’t remember any language
    Read a synopsis…
  3. Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch
    love and gelato
    This is a contemporary YA travel adventure romance. Contents: No sex, I don’t remember any heavy language, some kissing.
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  4. When we Began by Judy Corry
    when we began
    This book is a novella (a short novel), and you can get the ebook free on the author’s website. It’s part of a long series called Ridgewater High. Contents: No language, no sex, brief kissing.
    Read a synopsis…
  5. It Started with Goodbye by Christina June

    A contemporary twist on the Cinderella tale. No language, no sex.
    Read a Synopsis…

Clean teen summer romance books on my TBR list

The following books are on my TBR (to be read) list and only made the list because someone recommended it to me as a clean teen summer romance read or several Goodreads users have marked it as clean. But, again, I have not read these to fully vouch for them. (I’ll update this page as I finish books.)

  1. Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West
    sweet summer romance
    From Amazon: “Kasie West’s adorable story of secrets, love, and friendship is sure to win over hearts everywhere.”
    Read a synopsis…
  2. The Summer I Fell for my Best Friend by Sara Jane Woodley
    the summer I fell for my best friend
    From Amazon: “What’s one thing you should never do? Fall for your childhood best friend… Especially if he’s charming, mysterious and perfect in every way.”
    Read a synopsis…
  3. Rebel with a Donut by Chrissy Q Martin
    clean ya romance
    From Amazon: “Five teenagers, four grandmothers, and three weeks in a retirement community. Anything can happen.”
    Read a synopsis…
  4. Love and Other Great Expectations by Becky Dean
    clean summer book for teens
    From Amazon: “An American girl embarks on a competitive scavenger hunt in England—and along the way, she meets up with a bookish British boy who can’t help her with the clues . . . but might make the trip take some unexpected turns.”
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Get more suggestions:

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  1. Dianne

    I read “Your Something Blue” and it was fun, clean and entertaining. I would recommend it for teens definitely.


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